Monday, July 23, 2012

I had a couple of ladies over to look at my collection for an upcoming trunk show in Silver Spring, MD in the Fall (stay tuned for more info). So that meant cleaning the apartment so it looked as lovely as could be, buying weird dyed flowers that I thought were pretty but might look tacky but I still think are pretty, and lay out my jewelry in a nice way. Here's how it looked:

On a side note, I decided to try out suspenders:

My funny flowers that dyed the water, which was kind of neat:

I guess that's all the fun stuff for now. Sitting in Flying Fish Cafe in Mt. Pleasant, watchig a very very very VERY cute puppy in the window. Hang on, I'll take a pic. 

eh, too hard. He's small, low to the ground, black, very cute tongue. And his owner is getting him now. TOO CUTE. he's off his leash!! what a good dog!

ok. That's it. off to Target to return a horrendous dress. BYE

Sunday, July 15, 2012

ughhhh don't hate me. i swear, i think of funny things to blog about during the day, and then never get around to it. and then obviously forget everything.

so. here are some things.

I loved how my shoes looked with ben's and his socks yesterday at lunch. so i took a picture.

I made this:

i made this little fishy for a gal in malaysia. Definitely want to make more of them!

Me and Julia cheers-ing on the pool roof.

I also made these, which I love.

In other news, I've been dreaming of a flattering black tank top jumpsuit. It may not exist, but I found this one on sale and am a smitten i think. thoughts? from piper lime

Saturday, July 7, 2012


My birthday was the third! Yippee!

I went to Park Rapids in Minnesota with Ben's family for the week, which was delightful.

Did you know they make scrabble cheesitz??

We boated. I drank lots of Shandys.

In jewelry news, I have a new line of drusy rings called Drusy: Deluxe

That's it! Nothing too exciting going down in these parts. It's a record high temp today of over 100 in DC, so I'm not doing much of anything today! What are you up to this weekend?