Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New House

So, we are moving to the third floor of a delightful town house very soon. I'm in the middle of packing up the apartment, which is obviously the worst thing ever. It is fun to get rid of old furniture i always hated and just had by default. I decided I never wanted to sit on our old ikea couch again, so we bought a new one!! Emily was a doll and helped (and by helped, I mean did it all herself) put it together.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

help. me.

uh oh. uh oh. RUGS.WHICH ONES DO I GET. AHH.

Movin' on up

Or sideways. Actually, I think it's down.

In any event, we are moving! To a delightful little neighborhood called Bloomingdale in DC. We got the top floor of a love town house. There's a loft, and two skylights. And I need to paint some vintage kitchen chairs. And a table. And figure out rugs. And go insane.

Theres a bar/restaurant called Boundary Stone directly across the street that opens at noon. So I'll go there every day and…become an alcoholic I guess.

Oh and we went to our dear friends Aileen and Andy's wedding! It was a blast. What I can remember at least. (errrrr, it was a russian wedding. there was a lot of cognac involved. stop asking questions).

I made a silly face in a curtain.

Aaaand yeah! It's hard moving! Though we have a drawn out process that is basically spanning the whole month. I do need to find some interesting kitchen stools. And possible a bench for a bay window. And some more outdoor furniture for a deck. And cute lights for the deck. and somehow make an air planter out of a copper tubing and strip of leather. Also how do you paint a chair?