Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Fun shot of soldering a pendant- excited to see how the finished product looks!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Round Up

So yesterday i went to a garden party at the vacation home of David Bradley, who owns the Atlantic Media Group, which includes Ben's magazine. One of his co-workers won a contest at work and the price was a garden party at the house (he wasn't there). So I went! It was on the Eastern Shore, and it's claim to fame is that it was the big house where the Wedding Crashers took place. Fancy.

I kind of want to get this photo blown up and framed.

I also made these:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some more gems of wisdom

When you work from home by yourself most of the day, you start to genuinely enjoy watching Amanda Bynes' What I Like About You on ABC Family, and fantasize about being friends with her in real life. I wonder what she's up to these days..

You get so tired from walking back and forth to the post office all day, and don't understand why you don't just make a schedule so you only go once a day or, gasp, maybe every other day? Or maybe just have the mail man pick up the packages in the lobby....? No, too easy.

You are so so hungry but haven't gone grocery shopping in days because you can survive on frozen yogurt and popcorn (see previous post), and have settled for eating a "healthier" version of cinnamon toast crunch, even though you pretty much are positive that you are lactose intolerant. Listed. I tried almond milk. It's slimy and tastes funny and i DON'T LIKE IT. I LIKE MILK. I'LL TAKE THE TUMMY ACHE. (see previous post).

This is what you look like all day even when you venture into the world, because you forget to wash your hair sometimes (and by forget i mean consciously don't wash it). So you forget to look presentable for the world when you venture to the post office with a bag-lady push cart full of pillows and jewelry.

You also never smile when you are walking by yourself because WHO SMILES WHEN THEY ARE WALKING ALONE, and as a result, ever crazy man in the city tells you to smile. 

So, sometimes you pretend to tell yourself a joke, or pretend to remember something funny, and then you smile because of the ridiculousness of what is going on in your head. Remember, you don't actually think of a joke or of something funny that happened, you just pretend you are remembering. 

Check in tomorrow for more advice on running  a business!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Being your own boss

I always read such interesting and smart things about people running their own businesses, and countless times through out the day I think of interesting and smart things for an imaginary blog post. So I'm going to just start peppering them in here. Maybe. This might be the only time. As I type this I have absolutely nothing to write, so I'm hoping that by the end of this sentence I will remember what I wanted to write.


Here it is.

Sometimes when you work by yourself all day, you start talking out loud, just to make sounds.

Sometimes when you eat lunch by yourself in the window at the Cava Meze by Target, at first you feel silly and get scared you are going to spill tzatziki on the sleeve of your leather jacket, then you feel empowered, like, "look at me. I'm so busy running around town, buying padded envelopes and dropping things off at UPS. I'm just grabbing a few minutes of...more myself with my chicken pita and free lemon water."

On the same topic of food, when you are left alone (i.e husband leaves for business for 2 two days), all you eat over the course of 24 hours is ben and jerry's frozen yogurt and popcorn. then you will get a tummy ache. Then you think how you run your own business, you can handle a tummy ache.

You also watch lots of random daytime t.v in the background while soldering and packing things. Lots.

You day dream about owning a Vespa, and then scare yourself out of it.

All you want are sweaters with sequined elbow pads.

Sometimes when you are thirsty and there isn't any juice or iced tea (blech, water), you might open up a beer and nurse it over the course of 5 hours, until there's only a little warm bit left in the bottle, which you try to finish while watching nighttime t.v with the hubs and realize it's old and gross.

In conclusion, this is the best nail polish.



Monday, October 8, 2012

Hoochie Mama

Ahoy there, cowboys.

Want to know what I ate today?

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

Big Bag of Popcorn

Pint, I repeat, Pint, of Ben and Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt. Raspberry and Fudge flavor. Delicious.

And nauseating. I just want to eat handfulls of salt now. And then more frozen yogurt.

Anyway. What is new with you kiddos? please tell me a story! I just went on a mental shopping spree at one (which I hate saying AND typing.)

And while most of their clothing is totally ridiculous and no one in the world can wear any of it, I found a few cheap gems.

Just a warning, I'm craving yellow, peter pan collars, and sequins.

So what do we think? Are these necessary? Stupid? Too trendy? HELP i want everything.