Friday, April 10, 2015


Here's the deal: I'm in a real funk.

I only got off the couch today to go across the street to get a cup of coffee, because I'm out of coffee at home and haven't gone grocery shopping. I saw Gilmore Girls was on ABC family, so I started watching. And soon, The Middle came on. A show I previously despised and am now slowly learning to love. And before I know it, I'm knee deep in Reba.

This is what happens when you work from home, and when sales dip down a teeny bit. Are there things I should be doing? Of course. I should do the dishes, I should do laundry, I should neaten the house. I should vacuum. I should ORGANIZE MY GODDAMN JEWELRY STUDIO. And sort stones!! And sort castings!! And buy things to put my stones and castings IN. I got this whole fancy drawer thing and instead of neatly putting thing in the drawers I sort of threw everything that didn't have a home into all of the drawers. So now there are just tiny galaxies of messy universes in each drawer.

I should be getting ready for my POP UP SHOP at West Elm next Saturday, which I'm super excited for! But also it's a week away and I'm all like, I'll do it on monday okay???

Even blogging this now, I should be at a coffee shop or literally anywhere else other than hunched over on the couch. A desk? What's that. Why aren't I making new designs? Or working on Stitchtagram stuff? Or outside walking? OR DOING LITERALLY ONE SIT UP. JUST ONE.

Like this- look at this pretty picture of me doing work out in a public space.

But I did dye my hair sort of pinky coral a little while back, which has faded to blonde. But once upon a time it looked this awesome:

And now I look like this:

Which makes me realize that people work out for REASONS. other than being healthy. it's so they don't have weird shadowy flubber arms.

that's why. I even brought out our weights to lift. Well, just one. I couldn't carry both down from the attic.

But do we like that bow necklace? The bangle looks like this:

It's way pretty in person. And I'm never taking mine off.

I also had the BRILLIANT idea to make a Landline Line, inspired by my landline's phone cord.

So far I have earrings:

And a pretty little necklace:

I've been torn between making dainty little gold bits and pieces that people seem to love now, and that I love too. But every time I try to make something small and simple it turns into something not so small and definitely not so simple!

When I started in on this ring, I had imagined something totally different.

But what can you do. You can't control the raging river that is the creative process, right? (is that a saying?)

In case you were wondering, before Gilmore Girls/The Middle came on, I was watching, very happily mind you, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills REUNIONS from YEARS AGO. 

Can you imagine a more silly and useless thing to watch???? Current reunions are ridiculous. Imagine reunions from 2012. WHY. WHY DO I CARE. WHY DIDN'T I CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Ok. This post was a good way to kill time and feel like I'm doing something other than watching horrible day time tv. Now I'm going to get into the studio and make a prong drusy pendant for a custom order, a silver dual stone ring with opal/turquoise, a black dripping heart ring with opal, and a drusy solitaire ring. 

Thanks for listening. Do you work from home? Do you go a tad bit crazy sometimes? Do share your stories.