Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amazing table

I saw this table on NotCot and just nearly died. It is cool I don't even know what to do with myself. 

It is made out of acrylic and wood by an Israeli designer by the name of Itay Ohaly. So simply yet intricate. 

Sparkle Shoes

A few months ago, I bought a pair of gold sparkly Toms shoes, and haven't looked back since. I wear them all the time. Sometimes people simply state, "those are sparkly shoes." I thank them, even though it isn't always clear if they mean it as a compliment. Today, however, on the train, they really had their moment in the sun.

There I sat, legs crossed, unsightly red and blue striped socks blaring, gold shoes sparkling. I didn't think anyone had noticed, but as I was getting off the train, a very fabulous looking older gal with giant sunglasses and all sorts of fun brooches, touched me on the shoulder, and said, "Your shoes make me smile. Thank you." 

How delightful is that? So, everyone reading this, go out and buy yourself a pair of Tom's. Not only will you be the constant belle of the ball, but for every pair of shoes you buy, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. It's a win win!

Pretty Vases

I was in Crate and Barrel yesterday, wishing I had an extra $800 lying around to buy this chair, when I saw these vases, which were way more in my price range. Obviously I didn't get any, since I already have a few vases and rarely have flowers in them as it is. But I imagined all four of the colors lined up on a window sill, each with a different colored, single long stemmed flower basking in the sun. 

Sigh. I think I have to go back and get at least one. But then the question is, which color? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After dreaming for days and nights of this mythical pendant, it finally exists!

Hot off the presses. Or torches, I suppose. It's a mini chalk board pendant, complete with mini chalk holster! Write messages! Draw doodles! The first of hopefully a series of limited edition chalk board pendants. See more pics here.


What a hilariously clever card. So simple and cute! By Lucas and Hayley, available at Keep Calm Gallery

100 hearts!

Hip hip!!


I know there are Etsy shops with hundreds upon hundreds of hearts, but I just hit 100, and am ecstatic! Perhaps I'll have a sale, or some kind of free gift with purchase. Stay tuned for shop news!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New pendant

Hi Lovies, 

Last night I spent forever soldering together this new bike pendant. It has little antique glass faux opals (fauxpals!) in the wheels! I meant for the wheels to be peace signs, but things got a little out of control...the love is there at least.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lovely blog

I encourage everyone to read Rebecca's new blog, Running With Feathers. She makes beautiful feather hair clips and sells them on her Etsy shop. She was kind enough as to mention my deer necklace, and has a delightful blog.

Celphlapods and owls- the new robots and unicorns?

I like to think of myself up on the trends. Though I may use the word "hip" too much, which negates any genuine hipness I possess. In any event, I have been noticing cephalopods and owls everywhere lately. In cups and bowls at Target, on necklaces on Etsy, and even stationary and notebooks. Here is a round up of some of my favorites. Post links to your own and build on this collection!

Some things I like

I found this shop via Swiss Miss. It has all sorts of visually stimulating goodies that will warm the cockles of your heart.

A few of my favorites from the Pedlars Webstore:

It's paper but is a working clock. Great for the grandfather clock lovers out there without the room for the real deal.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holy quilts!

Whilst doing my daily perusal of, I found this website. A fellow by the name of Luke Haynes makes artist quilts, often featuring abstract and realistic images of people and objects. I really want this hammer one: 

Can you even believe it's  a quilt? I'm blown away by it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2009


While perusing the latest posts on Design Talk over at 2 Modern (I post every monday!), I became amazed by this image from a pavement painting featured in the Festival of World Cultures last year in Ireland. 

It was painted by Edgar Muller, along with assistants, and was so real looking that many people actually bent down to make sure the ground was there. There's a really neat video with epic music in the background here . Fantastic. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grand opening of Resurrected!

Hey gang, if you just happen to be in Vancouver March 13-17th, check out the grand opening of Resurrected! It's a store that carries items made only out of recycled materials, not to mention a smattering of Bullet Buddies! Free beer and coffee if you  bring your own mug. I wish I could go. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

nice people

Last month I found this post about my Pac Man earrings over at Black Box Reviews.

Such kind words about my jewelry! I'm so flattered! She has a great website where you can win all sorts of awesome handmade things, so take a peek. Here's what she said...

"I'm reminded of my childhood with these amazingly cool Pac Man Earrings. Actually Spring Break of third grade we went to Disneyland and in the hotel lobby there was a Pac Man video game that my brother and I spent most of our free time playing. Gotta love that, right?!

Rachel Ann Designs is the brilliant creator of these darling silver pieces. Both earrings are hand pierced and hammered with a brush finish. They hang from silver plated chains on a sterling silver french ear wire. They are super light weight and have a great swing making them both subtle and extremely adorable!"

Thanks Kimberlee!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ye Olden Days

My pops just sent me this picture he found of him (he's a jeweler) in his old work shop back in the day. I thought it was neat, and wanted to share!

The Bright Side Project

I came across this delightful website tonight during my nightly toodling on the internet.  Every day a new artist is featured, and a question is posed to readers. One lucky reader who responds to the questions wins whatever that artist is giving away! Fantastic idea, and a bright and sunshine filled site as well. Check it out! The Bright Side Project

latest 2 modern post

March 09, 2009

MAG-nificent solution

This post is a bit on the craftier side of things. I was looking for a spice rack to spice up my minuscule kitchen. True, right now I think the only spices I own are rosemary and...wait...there's another one...oregano. SO maybe I don't need a whole spice rack, but I digress. In my search for a future spice rack, I found this craftastic solution! All the author did was get watch maker tins, hot glue super strong magnets to the backs, and affixed them to the oven. In another picture, the are on the wall. I can't wait to try it! Go here for complete instructions. 2modern


Monday, March 2, 2009

long time no post!

yowzers, sorry about the break in posting! I recently had a flurry of orders which I am thrilled about, but I need to have everything done this week! In the mean time, here is a post I just wrote for 2 Modern.

Obsessive Consumption, or Obsessively Awesome?

I recently discovered the blog of illustrator Kate Bingaman- Burt. Among many things, she makes delightful illustrations of everything that she buys which she keeps on her blog, What Did You Buy Today?. She also did the illustrations for Handmade Nation, which I can't wait to see.