Wednesday, October 30, 2013


yes its true. we shot a look book monday, and i think i'm all done editing! I put it on the website here. let me know what you think!

Emily took some great behind the scenes pics. Here are a few of my favs:

Caroline putting on Julia's makeup, in front of my messy workbench. 

Caroline did some amazing gold and black cat eye make up! 

A look at the banner in a mirror

A wonderful stylist, Kaarin of the Closet Caucus, dolling up Julia. 

For the chunky lip look we used hot pink sugar crystals from the cake decorating isle1 

I made this banner just using paper sheets from Michaels, a hole punch, and twine! 

Tasting some sugar

Maybe my favorite shot. 

And photographer Emily with a million eyes. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lets talk about baseball

just kidding. but it is exciting.

i really want to talk about this new necklace:

I use the word famous very loosely, and very frequently. My friend (another Rachel) reminded me the other day about the time we were in an ATM and I noticed the man in front of us deposited a check for like, $800, which then (and still now) seemed like a trillion dollars. I whispered to Rachel (and our OTHER friend Rachel) "so famous!"

That's a pretty good example of my relationship with the word. Anything really cool, I call famous. Whenever I'm mentioned or posted about in the tiniest capacity, I write to my friends, or they write to me, saying "famous!" You get the idea.

Also, I sort of want to be famous. Like, the good kind of famous. Where famous people where my jewelry. 

SO thats about it! I created it in wax, and had it cast in recycled brass. It's heavy, but in an awesome way. Very comfortable to wear. And hopefully it will make you famous! Or not, if that's not your thing. 

ALSO. I'm shooting a look book on monday! can't wait. also have NO CLUE what i'm doing. I have a lovely stylist lending me clothes from a great boutique in town, and a couple of friends modeling. 

so get excited about that.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

My 2 minute convo with Leandra, AKA Man Repeller

Last night The Man Repeller herself was having a book signing at the W in DC. Clearly I had to go. Many moons ago we sent her a Stitchtagram pillow which she so kindly instagrammed and made us happy. And last night I bought her book, and was able to say hello during the signing! She liked me star necklace. Swoon. And almost touched it.

And then Julia, Emily and I went to the photobooth, because they are always the most fun things in the world to do. The gals were kind enough to drape themselves in my jewels.

So that was that! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


welp, another month has gone by without a post. TIME TO CHANGE THAT.

i made these!

I call them the Triple Crown Rings! 

I took this photo by accident on my phone. and. LOVE IT. 

This adorable girl bought a camera necklace at District Flea this past Saturday.

I got this awesome rooster scarf/wall hanging from Elizabeth Graber at Crafty Bastards!

AND I got the coolest new stickers!

So. What else is new with you?