Monday, July 14, 2014


Here are some pictures to make you love me again:

Daniela got me some watermelon nail stickers for my birthday! Apparently Beyonce has them, soooo.

Emily and I had a fun weekend, and got some fancy little cocktails at Big Bear. 

I've also decided that every friday I'll have a new little biddy at a great deal. I made this ring recently and it was the first the the Friday Finds! (name in progress.)  I love this sun drenched pic though.

I revamped my Two Hearts on a Finger ring and am quite pleased with it! I'm also working on a new word ring in the style of the Happy one…stay tuned!

I've started taking pics of jewelry on iced coffees when I'm out. Here are two!

Funny story about this ring:

A gal from DC emailed me hoping to try it on in real life, and it turns out she lives blocks away from me and works in the coffee shop I go to all the time! So I met her at the bar on the corner the other night to have her try it on, sized it there (got some strange looks from the bartenders as I hammered the ring a bit bigger), and had a new happy customer! and hopefully neighborhood friend! Thanks internet!


They're baaaack! I finally tracked down my favorite Swarovski crystals and made some fun things. They are SO BRIGHT AND PRETTY. I'm waiting on getting some funky prong castings back that I made just for these, so GET EXCITED.

Did you know it was my birthday last week!?!?! MARGARITAS FOR EVERYONE.

And for the night before my birthday, Ben took me for everyone's favorite restaurant Rose's Luxury.  I wrote my new fav pineapple dress from jcrew outlet.

SO. now that I shared you all of my snapshots, I suppose I should get to work. Today I need to:

-finish and pack up and take to fedex a wholesale order for a delightful shop in the UK
-ship a small wholesale order to an amazing jewelry store in Jerome, AZ (coincidentally owned by my uncle)
-make a few etsy orders, polish a few hot dogs for scoutmob orders. 
-make a new genius jewelry design that will make me famous 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hair time

hey gang. so i get bored with my hair a lot, and for the last year or so that meant cutting it shorter and shorter. i don't want it any shorter. DO YOU HEAR ME?

so i decided to dye it.

Just a little redder is all. 

what else can i tell you. i'm eating a grilled cheese right now even though i know full well it will give me a stomach ache. why do i do that??

I made this new line of funky rings:

And i made this bracelet, which i love.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Going's On

I'll probably just wear stripes for the rest of my life, right?

I've got a whole new squiggle thing goin' on, and am liking it a lot so far. thoughts? 

A pink morganite ring that is garnering more Instagram likes than I've ever had! 

It's a party! 

Soon I'll post pics of the new place. We just got a bright orange chair from CB2 delivered that I am utterly in love with. Here's a peek:

In related news, did you know the all Stitchtagram pillows are $20 off??!?! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

we did it!

we moved into our new (top floor of a) house!!!

We have big windows and FLOWERS NOW. since i like flowers apparently!! 

My workshop isn't quite yet Panda Head worthy yet, but I hope some day it will be functional AND design-y. 

Until then, it's lots of loud dinosaur like machines.

I finally caught up on orders today also since before the move. These four delights are off into the wold! One going to china, one going to australia, one going to florida, and one going to tennessee! 

ALSO I got to go to the Washington Post Pre Party for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and gushed over Timothy Daly. I think I took him by surprise by raving Wings, and how I watch it basically every day. 

He asid "let me take off my glasses so I look more like I did 15 years ago". Swoon. 

This was what I wore:

And this is our new house!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New House

So, we are moving to the third floor of a delightful town house very soon. I'm in the middle of packing up the apartment, which is obviously the worst thing ever. It is fun to get rid of old furniture i always hated and just had by default. I decided I never wanted to sit on our old ikea couch again, so we bought a new one!! Emily was a doll and helped (and by helped, I mean did it all herself) put it together.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

help. me.

uh oh. uh oh. RUGS.WHICH ONES DO I GET. AHH.

Movin' on up

Or sideways. Actually, I think it's down.

In any event, we are moving! To a delightful little neighborhood called Bloomingdale in DC. We got the top floor of a love town house. There's a loft, and two skylights. And I need to paint some vintage kitchen chairs. And a table. And figure out rugs. And go insane.

Theres a bar/restaurant called Boundary Stone directly across the street that opens at noon. So I'll go there every day and…become an alcoholic I guess.

Oh and we went to our dear friends Aileen and Andy's wedding! It was a blast. What I can remember at least. (errrrr, it was a russian wedding. there was a lot of cognac involved. stop asking questions).

I made a silly face in a curtain.

Aaaand yeah! It's hard moving! Though we have a drawn out process that is basically spanning the whole month. I do need to find some interesting kitchen stools. And possible a bench for a bay window. And some more outdoor furniture for a deck. And cute lights for the deck. and somehow make an air planter out of a copper tubing and strip of leather. Also how do you paint a chair? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Apatite Dangles!

Pretty lighting, pretty drinking

Working on some new rubber/brass bangles! 

Had some delicious things at the new La Colombe in Bladgen Alley

Friday, March 7, 2014

A glimpse

They're baaaack!

Margaritas at El Ray (beware, the margaritas are strong)

Sunrise at the airport

Sunrise at the Monument

No description needed. One penny. one. cent. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tonight I've eat:

Annie's macaroni and cheese, which i always manage to make not very deliciously.
Castelenatrova olives. i know that's not how you spell it but i'm too lazy to google.
blackberry spritzer
blackberry spritzer and malbec TOGETHER
and cookies and cream ice cream!

and now, drum roll please…. i have a stomach ache! who would have thought??

anyway. as anyone who is reading this probably knows, the snow is scaring everyone in DC. Tomorrow my goal is to never leave the apartment, sit down at the workbench (key word- sit. I usually just stand and do what i need to do. and i realize that most jewelry's *sit* at a work bench, and make things. lots of things. so tomorrow i'm going to try to make something for every stone on my bench.

i also went to nordstrom rack, and may never be able to shop again.

some highlights were:

these sparkle vans

This Top Shop dress:

Which is way way way short but i figure with tights should be ok. 

And a million more little nothing shirts that i'm head over heels for.

so. i'm glad i got to share this all with you, my faithful readers. 

also i'm in a maaaaajor jewelry rut!!! 

i hope i break out of it tomorrow! i was pretty excited by this summery earrings:

and this new bow ring, which i'm antsy to make with turquoise:

Soooooo. That's it?