Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Compliments to the sewer

So I got this shirt in Iceland a few months ago. It's big and silk and is photo-printed with an image of a tapestry all over, and, according to the sales girl, the designer found this rug thing in the attic that her grandma made, and she had it printed onto fabric. Needless to say, I thought that was the coolest thing in the universe, and made ben spend a ridiculous amount of money to buy it for me. (ICELAND IS SO EXPENSIVE).

anyway. This is the shirt on the website:

and me:

Anyway. I'm currently in a coffee shop and a girl just came up to compliment me and I went on and on about the story and it sounded so fake. 

Also, I just made a hair cut for thursday, but you know how whenever you  make an appointment to get your hair cut, you love how your hair looks? so then i panicked and asked if they could give me highlights instead, which I don't really want either. I'm just BORED WITH MY HAIR. but i like it. whats wrong with me? now i think i DO need a cut but i already emailed them a million times. good gravy. 

in other news,  this is a pretty pic of some necklaces i'm making for Fab:


Monday, July 15, 2013

oh hello there

Here I am, on the couch. I cleaned off our three coffee tables, and I was I could show you a picture that looks amazing with doilies made from vintage magazines (DO PEOPLE MAKE THAT?) and vases made from spraypainted plastic half gallon milk cartons (it's all i can think about lately) (just kidding, i thought about it once. but i want to do it!). Instead, the tables are just NOT covered in every single thing that we could ever possibly need to use. Like, I put nail polishes in the bathroom. Where they belong. I proceeded to drop a can of spray on sun block behind my little drawer things and will most likely never retrieve it until we move. So thanks a lot, nail polishes.

I also threw out a lot of stuff. And put match boxes in another box. TA DA.

oooh, ahhhh. 

Note the coasters! Catching the sweat from my iced red eye from this morning that I had about two sips of (it wasn't good ok?). And the empt wine glass from last night. And the reflection in the table of an amazing episode of How Do I Look? And a winning scratch off ticket! ($10 what what).

Let's see what else. I made these:

And these:

I also turned these earrings into opposites! 

And I made a new website! 

Now I just need to shoot a Look Book, which seems to be what every is doing these days. However, I have no idea what to do. HELP. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome back, world! After a lovely birthday, Ben and I flew off to sunny/cloudy Redondo Beach (FACT: LA is NOT HOT). We decided not to rent a car, and just biked along the beach and ate.

Oh, and we went to our friends' Scott and Gina's wedding, which was a blast! Some pics:

Me and the Hubs:

Look! I can ride a bike!

Fun fact: Bethanny Frankle also has this Madewell sweater, so I'm basically famous. 

Mmmmm Gelato.

I found these two rocks with HAIR already on them, so obviously I had to make them into the couple getting married.

Ben and I went to this a-mahzing (happy endings anyone?) Japanese restaurant/stall on the pier in Redondo Beach, tucked between the bars and churro stalls. It was so effing good. 

I also got these snazzy sunglasses for $8.

THE END. how was your weekend? fire work fill I hope.