Friday, July 29, 2011

oh hi

On the epic road trip of the summer after college ('08???), Ben, Steve and I listened to a lot of country radio. One song in particular gets stuck in my head often. It goes a little somethin' like this:

I'm just sittin here watchin airplanes, take off, and flyyyyyyy.

And that's precisely what I doing right now. Even though I'm not actually watching airplanes take off and fly because I'm sitting outside under a parking garage waiting for my mumsy and dadsy to come pick me up and whisk me and my big bro off to a weekend in Maine!

Anyyyyyyway. I'm wearing my Ginger Root Lady Tie and big geode earrings and am feelin' prettttty good.  I took this funky picture in these wacky mirrors at Logan.

That's it, honey buns! I'll keep you posted on my lobstah eating and sand hating!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New things in the works...

I made a few great drusy things today (and one darling cloud necklace), and went to the coffee shop for a photoshoot with Molly  and took great pictures, but they are on her camera, so you will just have to wait to see them!

Here's a teaser!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I finally made new rings! Hip hip hooray!

A long, pictorial tutorial on a failed ring display

I had big plans for this craft, let me tell you. I've been wanting some way to display my rings on the wall, because table top space is scarce in the apartment.

The only problem was that I had zero supplies! And no good craft places around here. So, I used what I had. Cheap, thing cork board squares from CVS. Hot Glue. Crappy scissors. A swiss army knife. Make that two.

So, here you go! Don't get too excited, it's a pretty big failure!

So I started with two cork squares, and traced a smaller square on one.

Then I attempted to cut the square out. 

Then I used a fun Google puzzle pen to draw trace the inner square onto the other piece. I don't remember why.

See? That's what I did. 


Since I don't have any X-acto knifes or none such nonsense, I found Ben's gigantic Leatherman tool. It was a little hard to work with. 

So then I got my smaller, cuter, pinker swiss army knife. Hi puppies!

I mean, hi knives!

I just sort of hacked away. 

And then I realized I needed more distance between the wall and the top layer of cork, so that the rings had room to move into the cork. Why didn't I just leave the two pieces whole, and cut through both pieces, so that they wouldn't flop all over the place in no man's land? Clearly I crafted before I thought. 

I also forgot I had a glue gun, so I used modge podge as a glue, and then used various heavy objects to hold the pieces down. Clearly that didn't work, and then I found my glue gun. And re glued.

And then to decorate it, I cut pieces of glittery pink paper from Michaels! 


Ugh. Gross.

Ta- DA! Maybe the ugliest thing I ever made! And the rings don't even stay put!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, Cheerful Sunday (Or, Instagram Roundup)

I slept late, I made an excellent egg sandwich, mediocre coffee, and read the NYT Style section. What could be better? 

Some more Instagram photo's I've taken recently, for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stress! And wine.

Ohhhhhh boy. So I'm getting married in September, and I'm starting to get the sweats! Literally. It's boiling here. And I'm constantly nervous. And I'm out of a solder and feel like I'm in a business slump.

So I'm drinking wine, out of the very mug I drank coffee out of this morning.

Anyway. I did make a few new things.

And this necklace!

A morning glimpse

Today has been all about taking photos and listing new and old things. I'm out of solder and so I can't really make anything new....but I did have a delish cup of coffee in my new favorite Anthropologie mug that I got on sale, and my newly painted nails!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clean House

Ah, Sunday afternoon. What a delightful time. This morning Ben and I brought our Sunday Times up to the pool on the garage roof (I feel like a millionaire every time I'm up there). Then we made a fruit salad, went to Target, and came home! The perfect day.

Ooooh what else. My mum was here all week, so I didn't do a lot of jewelry things, but I just got in a bundle of new drusy stones and can't wait to make rings and earrings galore tomorrow! I have mucho orders to catch up on, need to re-order business cards...oh, yeah, I went to a day long event called Buy Young on Wednesday, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce, Cap. Hill, and the White House! Kal Penn talked to us! It was crazy!

I was way out of my league, but Ben's friend is one of the amazing people who organized it, so I was lucky enough to go. So inspiring! It brought together young business owners from all over the country. I sat near the guy who started Wordpress, heard the founder of Gilt Group speak, and became day-long buddies with Todd of I was completely drenched by a tidal wave from a cab driving by along with one of the designers behind Hysteric Haus (I literally had a mouthful of gross street water because I was screaming as the wave came crashing down. I wanted to die.) I hung out with the two gals behind the coolest butcher shop in LA, Lindy and Grundy. A press lady told me my sweater was inside out. You can see the back of my head at 00:30 in this CNN clip!

Anyway, it was a pretty wild day, I'll say that much. I didn't take many pics, but here are a few:

It ended with a reception on top of the Bank of America building! So many cupcakes and cups of wine. Also a great view.

John McCaine spoke. He was funny- said that after he lost the election, he slept like a baby- every two hours he'd wake up and cry. Ha.

A view from the fist Round Table event.

Not the best pictures. 

Anyhoo, that's it! Cleaned up the work bench, completely cleaned up the living room. Fascinating, isn't it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cooked!

I made a breakfast that involved ingredients! And nothing frozen!!

My dad has been making it a lot lately at home and keeps telling me to try it. He calls it "Eggs con Tomate" because my family is like, 2% spanish somewhere and we use lots of sort of spanish words with english words, but they aren't really spanish words.

Anyway. Here's what you do:

Take a little, adorable frying pan. 
This one will do. Get a tasty salsa. I used this one:

And then, some spinach! Again, I used Trader Joe's Baby Spinach. 

And Last but not least, egg whites. Again, I used T.J's. And some cheese, if you want.

So FIRST, put a tad of olive oil in the pan. put half the jar of salsa in to fill the bottom of the pan. Layer on a bundle of spinach, pour on some egg whites, layer on some more spinach, sprinkle some cheese, add a dash of salt and pepper. Then, cover, put on low heat, and let it cook!!! Check on it frequently to make sure it doesn't burn. The salsa will start to simmer a bit, but when the whole thing starts to melt and congeal into one pan of deliciousness, then you are done! 


The end.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot hot heat

Today was blisteringly hot.

Good thing I have my Ginger Root City Bloomers to wear! It was like walking around naked. Only not.

But dear lord, have you ever seen such pale and thick legs??? What is HAPPENING! Look at the difference between my legs and my thighs! It's like a different person! Good gravy. 

Anyway, the bloomers are super comfy and made from a silky nothing vintage fabric that keep you cool. 


That whole to-do list thing failed pretty badly. Plus, who cares what it looks like when I clean the floor?

Now I am sitting in a cafe called Tryst drinking an  iced coffee, with my friends, hoping I will get some good jewelry ideas for when I go home. 

This morning I made a few rings for orders, and then this one too:

Which looks great with this other ring:

Anyway, that's all. Feeling slightly uninspired....hopefully I'll get some waves of creativity soon! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The fabulous Amy Marsh inspired me to do blog about my to do list. Only hers is way more interesting and well executed, and mine is just going to be a dullsville list.


1. Respond to every email I need to write back to.
2. Scrub the kitchen floor. Yes. It needs to be done and I feel like if I don't do it now, soon all of the white tiles will be turned various colors from food spills. Gross.
3. Attempt to clean up the living room/studio so it doesn't look like I live in a garbage cave.
4. Go to breakfast with best friend's parents,  brother, new fiance, and new fiance's parents.
5. Go see said brother's band play at local farmers market.
6. Go work at Ginger Root for a couple hours.

AND to make this all the more juicy, I will take pictures of each and every event to post in a


Friday, July 8, 2011


I'll tell ya, I wouldn't mind toting my packages to the post office in this bag. No siree. 

oh HI!

How is it the weekend already???

The fringe earrings in action.

I made a few chunky drusy rings that I'm about to take photos of. I'm also doing laundry. I'm also eating so much that I feel like I'm going to explode.

You know that feeling when you just start to eat, and then you aren't hungry but you still want to eat more, so you do? And then eventually you get a little tummy ache and figure well I already have a stomach ache, might as well eat some more?


Also, it's weird how stomach ache could be combined into Stomache. Can we start that?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Delights

Good morning, friends!

First things first- I am about to fry an egg. Yes, I have a good feeling about this fried egg.

Secondly, I made some new tidbits! Wanna see?

I love how this looks like the crystal is in a little tv screen or something! Chunky too!

I also made a new turquoise nest ring

Which I am pleased as punch about!


I have yet to take a decent picture of them, but they are so fabulous in real life. All I want to do is make fringe earrings. 

And soon I am off to Ginger Root for my Thursday shift! 

Wish me luck on my egg!