Thursday, December 19, 2013

Myla Goldberg

Random flashback time:

a few years ago someone ordered a big glass eye ring from me (i used to make them more often).

she then explained that she was buying it for her friend myla goldberg, the author and musician. They were in a band together and for some reason it said in her wikipedia entry that she had a glass eye, as a joke. (which seems to no longer be in the wikipedia entry).

Coincidentally, Bee Season was and still is my favorite book of all time (the movie adaptation is playing on HBO right now, which reminded me of this whole thing). So I freaked when I heard it was for her.

And then I was told that it was used on her webpage! which is still there.

This is a screen shot of See the ring? In the area next to the monkey?

Anyway. That's that. Back to making last minute christmas orders! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a glimpse of life through instagram

Rings out for christmas

I sold at All Crafts Considered, a little gift show at NPR. 

This is what the day looked like when everyone had school and work canceled for snow.

We basically live in a storage unit until the holidays are over.

These deer I bough from Target were the best things I ever purchased.

Oh and I went to Paris! Did I forget to tell you that? 

Monday, December 16, 2013

the BEST little gift you could ever get!

My dear friend Emily needed a white elephant gift for under $10, and we managed to get the most delightful assortment of goodies at Target. I suggest you go get this bundle today to give at parties this weekend.

1) A glass Cheers tumbler! On sale for $5!!

2) A pack of black and white polka dot paper straw. Together with the glass, it's quite kate spade-y. 
(I can't find the right colors online, but you get the idea)

3) And lastly, buy a 4 pack of mini cheap champagne, keep three bottles for yourself, and put the fourth with the gift!

TA-DAH. i want to go buy it to give to myself. 

Now, I need to finish LA Complex, a most amazing Canadian-set-in-LA drama. Netflix. Go watch.