Sunday, November 10, 2013


What's cookin? We've been eating lots of squash lately, because we get a box of veggies delivered (because i'm lazy and its the only way i will ever cook). And there have been lots of squashes.

Yesterday we had acorn squash.

Today, I will attempt a spaghetti squash. Which I sort of thought was a myth! I think I'll give this recipe a go.

Last night our friends' house held a "We Love Fall" party! Everyone dressed up in the autumnal best.

I wore a new cord mini skirt from gap outlet, and a sweater i got on sale at anthro.

Emily won Dutchess of Fall, along with her brother who won Duke. 

I also made an Eye Necklae! And will be doing more with different color stones, and also bracelets!!

And now we are finishing off our weekend with a Scandal on Netflix marathon. The end.