Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well well well

Remember when I said I'm back? And then I wasn't back? Well I might be back now in the blog world!

I HAVE NEWS. Soon I'll be putting on actual pants and actual shirts and LEAVING MY HOUSE IN THE MORNING to go to a new studio on the Monroe Street Market Art Walk!! 

I'll be joining the likes of Katie and Stitch and Rivet and the gals at Wild Hand Workspace  and couldn't be more thrilled/terrified!!!

In other news, I made these for bridesmaid gifts for a lovely soon-to-be-bride:

This labradorite pendant really came to life on this heavy gold plated chain:

A new series of Turquoise Starburst pieces:

And I'm in love with this pretty lady:

Lastly, Nido  is my new favorite place to eat/drink.

Stay tuned to see the evolution of the new space!! 

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