Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, lots of things are happening! Nothing is totally official yet though (or maybe it is, and I just am scared to say something before I am supposed to.) That makes it sound really big. And exciting. It's not, I promise. Just some little things like where I'll be selling some things soon.

This I know for sure- on Saturday is a big arts thing happening in Anacostia in DC, a neighborhood I'm not sure I've ever been to. It's called Lumin8 Anacostia, and the pop up shop is called Pixi! It's put on by two gals I adore, Emma and Merin of Pleatherette.  So that will be fun. It's with a lot of other great DC designers, I can't wait to go!

Big things are happening with Stitchtagram too, let me tell ya. We had a great shout out on Hello Brit.

I made these over the past few days:

And wore this today:

That our Ketubah behind me- it's so heavy that I'm scared to hang it up!

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