Saturday, May 5, 2012


I haven't posted in so long, the layout for blogger is totally different!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS.

So. What's up. Pillows. That's what. And jewelry. Basically pillows and jewelry. It's insanity. All I do is pack pillows and cart them to fed ex. Sometimes I split them up between two different fed ex's in completely different directions so they don't get annoyed with me. Someone (other than my dad) tell me that's silly!

Anyhoo. I've devised a new bundling plan that will involve some sort of tightening straps that I squeeze the pillows with into columns like a newspaper stack! And then I will toss those babies into the zip car! and toss those babies into the Fedex! Yeah?? are you as excited as I am??

Anyway. I'm drinking white wine and blood orange san pellegrino and have been watching hours upon hours of Parenthood on Netflix. Do. You. Watch. This. Show.

I just started last night and keep alternating between tears and laughter. So emotional! My god! I've watched an embarrassing amount of it since last night.

Please, someone (Emily, other than you. We already have plenty to discuss) say you watch it so we can gab in the comments about it!

In other news, Ben has been off in Florida covering some congressmen for his magazine. He went boar hunting with one. And then he cut his head on the scope of the gun.

He gets home tonight, so I'm sure I'll hear all kinds of stories. I'm pretty sure he ate an alligator burger and said it was amazing. 

Also I just painted my nails:

And earlier today I drank this:

And look! My favorite postal worker at the post office gave me a few of these monstrous dirty mail sacks for me to bring packages in! 

And then I made all of these.

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  1. I watch Parenthood! After every episode I think how hard it all is and wonder why anyone would want to be a parent. Also,Loralie Gilmore.