Sunday, July 15, 2012

ughhhh don't hate me. i swear, i think of funny things to blog about during the day, and then never get around to it. and then obviously forget everything.

so. here are some things.

I loved how my shoes looked with ben's and his socks yesterday at lunch. so i took a picture.

I made this:

i made this little fishy for a gal in malaysia. Definitely want to make more of them!

Me and Julia cheers-ing on the pool roof.

I also made these, which I love.

In other news, I've been dreaming of a flattering black tank top jumpsuit. It may not exist, but I found this one on sale and am a smitten i think. thoughts? from piper lime

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  1. I love that purple crystal necklace! The little spikes at the top are the perfect touch.