Friday, February 24, 2012

Some pictures

In my dream world I would:

A) Live above a post office.
B) The post office would be haunted but not really but no one would want to go for fear of ghosts, so I would always be the only one there and people couldn't get mad at me for having big complicated shipments.
C) There would be a Fed Ex next to the Post Office. Maybe down the block.
D) I could get all of the boxes of pillows shipped to my apartment without it being weird and having the office people give me glares. (I might imagine that part, the glares.)
E) I would have an extra room for a studio.

Anyway. Here are some Instagram pics to get you up to speed on my life:

This is what my middle looks like right now:

i really need to clean off my work bench..

Love these two new rings together! Black Drusy and Pearl Bow Tie

My morning is full of pillow making!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My trip to Tucson!

so, it's almost valentine's day, and I went to Arizona for the biggest gem and jewelry show in the world! It was pretty wild, and especially great because I went with my dad (a jeweler) and we stayed with my uncle in Arizona (a jeweler) and visited my cousins' studios (jewelers) and gossiped about jewelry and jewelers the whole time. It was a blast. Here are some pics!

Let's see... (in chronological order)

My pops exiting our favorite bar in Jerome, Arizona, called the Spirit Room.

Sweet mirror deer sculpture

Purple Cactus

I mean... come on. 

A crazy expensive drusy mouse carved by some crazy german stone cutters.

So many beads.

I got ben a coon's skin hat at this weird Idaho fur tent called Fur for Fun (sorry peta!) and they had loads of crazy things with faces and feet still on them! 

I got some fiiiiiiine iron pyrite for rings that will soon be available exclusively on Molten Store

Neat mural in Tucson.

Early mornin' coffee.

Mammoth Tusk??


Prettttty excited to use these.

Then I got home and made some things like this:

And I got a haircut! and color! 

And I sewed up a ton of Stitchtagram pillows:

Aaaand that's about it! hopefully this week after V Day I'll make a whole slew of new drusy bits! Keep your eyes peeled kiddos!