Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Alright let's seeeeeeee.

Stitchtagram is on Fab. And then the sale got extended. Which is kinda crazy.

My tiny bike necklaces are going to be for sale at the New Amsterdam Bike Show in NYC in April 28th and 29th, and will be discounted too! So if you are planing on going, you totally should! It looks like an awesome event, I wish I could go! The necklaces will be in the booth hosted by Adeline Adeline and Velojoy, along with some great other bike related design products.

In other jewelry news, I made this:

And these. I can't stop wearing my own pair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, lots of things are happening! Nothing is totally official yet though (or maybe it is, and I just am scared to say something before I am supposed to.) That makes it sound really big. And exciting. It's not, I promise. Just some little things like where I'll be selling some things soon.

This I know for sure- on Saturday is a big arts thing happening in Anacostia in DC, a neighborhood I'm not sure I've ever been to. It's called Lumin8 Anacostia, and the pop up shop is called Pixi! It's put on by two gals I adore, Emma and Merin of Pleatherette.  So that will be fun. It's with a lot of other great DC designers, I can't wait to go!

Big things are happening with Stitchtagram too, let me tell ya. We had a great shout out on Hello Brit.

I made these over the past few days:

And wore this today:

That our Ketubah behind me- it's so heavy that I'm scared to hang it up!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little Sparklies

So..... I have lots of stones. But what to do?? If you see something that especially tickles your fancy let me know and we'll work on something custom just for you!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Failed Box Experiment

So. My work space has recently expanded to include the "nook" that was previously reserved for dinners. The table hasn't seen a plate on it since Thanksgiving, and may never again until we move. It's wear I pack the pillows, and now, the jewelry! I thought it would be nice to have a little box mounted to the wall to keep things like tape and scissors in so that I can actually use the table.


Oh god, it really make me look like a lunatic. Let's see- that big roll f paper on the ground is what I'm wrapping the pillows in now. That pile of paper is actually a garbage that I should empty. NExt to that is a box full of plastic envelopes the pillows go in. You can see the tops of my new Frye boots that take me roughly 15 minutes to take off every time I wear the, which is proving to be the worst thing ever. And then on the left you can see a chair piled with jackets, even though two feet away is an empty coat rack!! and just behind that is a door with a ROW OF EMPTY COAT HOOKS. What is wrong with us??

So anyway. After scouring the apartment for a suitable container, I found this handy box that I got from Target months ago with the hopes of organizing my post office receipts and such. Clearly that didn't happen. I also tried turning it into a light box for photos, which didn't work out either. 

So I found my heavy duty hammer which I keep behind  the ceramic dogs underneath the TV. (I may be messy, but I can always tell you where anything is in this apartment. Just ask Ben.)

And then I found a tack, which I had noticed on the ground in the corner by the kitchen door when I leaned my white board against it. 

And then, I hammered the tack through the box and into the wall. So strong! So sturdy! I filled it up with string and stamps and inks and scissors and tapes!

Look how glorious!! I took off the tape and closed that wall, and filled it up with all sorts of [heavy] goodies.

Wow. So organized. So full of beauty and fun things. Maybe I'll put a little tab in that little tab spot on the front that says SUPPLIES.

But then, just as I turn around to scan the table for other [heavy] things I can put in it....

On the floor. Dead. Everything spilled. 

So I just put on the table, like a normal. Boring. 

So. That's that. Not everything looks like this:

Sigh. but I really wish it did.