Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little gilmore girls

it starting my morning off strong. it's one of those days where i definitely have things to do, orders to put together, large quantities of triangle studs to make. but instead i'm on the couch drinking a half full bottle of water from last night which i squirted a lemon in, and watching gilmore girls. also , i was about to take a shower and do ALL SORTS of productive water-based activities, but the water in the building appears to be off! which is strange, because usually we get a letter of some kind warning us of that. so i can't shower, or do the dishes, and tumble jewelry, or...brush my teeth. so i'm watching gilmore girls instead, ok? is that so horrible?

My other main atctivity today is to journey to georgetown to get my prescription sunglasses from See. (they had a great groupon deal!). but its COLD out. and every day this week i've been looking at the forecast and saying ehh it's warmer tomorrow. And then tomorrow became today. Twice. And now it's supposed to be 53 tomorrow!! and it's super cold today! what do i do!! do i go?? should i make coffee here now??? i'm paralyzed with options. seriously. this is one of the problems with working from home AND having a ton of things to do. I just end up sitting on the couch with a warm lemon water bottle instead.

ok. ok. at noon i'll take a bus to a bus to Georgetown. Maybe walk to the second bus. maybe. i also need to go to the post office, but also make 45 pairs of triangle studs, which i should do now. but those aren't due until the end of the month, and I have another wholesale order that is more pressing, but involves more work, and I'm just not into that right now.

is this whiny post fun yet?

HEYOO sister of the traveling pants 1 and 2 are on saturday night on abc family!! remember when ABC family was Fox Family? And when fox family was the family channel? and they just played the waltons and lassie?


i also made this the other day:

Anyway! That's it! Good bye! I'm going to make coffee! And triangle studs! And get my sunglasses! 

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  1. Just make triangle studs while watching Gilmore Girls! I love that show :) And that sucks that they didn't warn you before shutting off the water.