Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tonight I've eat:

Annie's macaroni and cheese, which i always manage to make not very deliciously.
Castelenatrova olives. i know that's not how you spell it but i'm too lazy to google.
blackberry spritzer
blackberry spritzer and malbec TOGETHER
and cookies and cream ice cream!

and now, drum roll please…. i have a stomach ache! who would have thought??

anyway. as anyone who is reading this probably knows, the snow is scaring everyone in DC. Tomorrow my goal is to never leave the apartment, sit down at the workbench (key word- sit. I usually just stand and do what i need to do. and i realize that most jewelry's *sit* at a work bench, and make things. lots of things. so tomorrow i'm going to try to make something for every stone on my bench.

i also went to nordstrom rack, and may never be able to shop again.

some highlights were:

these sparkle vans

This Top Shop dress:

Which is way way way short but i figure with tights should be ok. 

And a million more little nothing shirts that i'm head over heels for.

so. i'm glad i got to share this all with you, my faithful readers. 

also i'm in a maaaaajor jewelry rut!!! 

i hope i break out of it tomorrow! i was pretty excited by this summery earrings:

and this new bow ring, which i'm antsy to make with turquoise:

Soooooo. That's it? 

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