Monday, May 5, 2014

we did it!

we moved into our new (top floor of a) house!!!

We have big windows and FLOWERS NOW. since i like flowers apparently!! 

My workshop isn't quite yet Panda Head worthy yet, but I hope some day it will be functional AND design-y. 

Until then, it's lots of loud dinosaur like machines.

I finally caught up on orders today also since before the move. These four delights are off into the wold! One going to china, one going to australia, one going to florida, and one going to tennessee! 

ALSO I got to go to the Washington Post Pre Party for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and gushed over Timothy Daly. I think I took him by surprise by raving Wings, and how I watch it basically every day. 

He asid "let me take off my glasses so I look more like I did 15 years ago". Swoon. 

This was what I wore:

And this is our new house!

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