Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answers, I need answers! (and giveaway??)

 Welcome summer!

1) I counted 5 of those gym-bag-esque Longchamp nylon totes with leather straps going to work today. I must be missing something about them. Why are they so popular??

2) I think I love sitting in the train station watching ladies go by, admiring their work clothes. Weird? (Today I wore a knee length dark denim skirt with a loosey goosey yellow tee shirt tucked in, and thought I was being so fashion forward. False! Everyone was wearing skirts with shirts tucked in. A strappy strappy flat sandals.) 

3)I made a new homepage for my website. Do we like it? Too weird? Also, I'm thinking about changing my "line" from Rachel Ann Designs (I'm pretty sure there are 5,000 of those) to Rachel Says Hi. How do we feel about that?

So, you, dear reader, have some homework. Answer those three questions above in comment form! I will pick one lucky winner, who will be rewarded with something most delightful. Maybe a Bullet Buddy?? This will end Sunday night! If I remember.

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