Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh, Halloween...

For halloween, I am going to the boyfriend's place in DC and meeting up with my two old roommates/best friends, all named Rachel. That's right, we were the Rachels. This is us at the Spice Girls reunion tour a couple years ago in Boston. Thus the peace signs. You would NOT believe how much glitter was being worn in the audience! I'm on the left, Rachel M. in the middle, and Rachel J. on the right.

Anyway, we haven't been together for over year, so obviously we have to have fabulous halloween costumes. Since we are all pretty deep into Mad Men, we, like many other people I'm sure, are dressing up like the three main gals. Or at least planning on it.

Long story short, I found these amazing dresses on Etsy in Timeless Vintage Vixen's shop. They all scream Mad Men. But it will be a while until I can afford a $450 vintage dress...until then, a gal can dream.

And here.

And now, for the million dollar question, what/ who are you being for halloween? Peggy?

p.s- I'm writing a post for the first time in a cafe. I feel so hip. Midnight Train to Georgia is playing, and I just finished a small mint mocha, my current vice. They put a mint tea bag in it!!!!

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