Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekly Spotlight On...!

Today marks the very first Item of the Week! (Which means it's on sale!)

*applause, applause*

This week's item is an old favorite: Owl on Agate.

This little guy is the only one of it's kind in the UNIVERSE.
It is a good sized slab of brown agate, with a handmade sterling silver bezel. Perched on a branch is a darling, hand cast little hoot owl. He's so wise. You can tell him all of your secrets and he'll never say a word to anyone else! The pendant comes on a super comfy and strong silver snake chain in any length you wish, from 16 in. to 20 in.

Already on sale on my Etsy shop, I'm making him even lower, because he deserves a good home!! He is now on sale for $72.00, from $85.00. It's like wearing a little sculpture around you neck.
\So, that's the deal of the week. And what a deal it is! You can be the one and only owner of this delightful neck piece by ordering it on my Etsy. Free shipping too!

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  1. Hey, just found you blog! It's great -- I love the pumpkin proposal post! xoxo