Thursday, December 3, 2009

best thing of my life

I was watching my millionth episode of how i met your mother online before going to sleep (i've become dependent on it, don't judge), which was something B and I would do constantly last year when we lived together in Boston. I've never laughed harder during one episode when they are talking about miracles and the guys are throwing pencils into the ceiling and then one falls and bounces on a table and go into barney's nose.

And then I watched that again last night and had to send ben a picture I took of the screen paused.

Lame? i think not!!
hahaha. in other iphone photo news, how do we feel about this dress? ignore the goofy smile. the pockets are located in unfortunate places right on the hips. Who would do that? But I might kind of love it. And it's $20.00. Sigh. What a hard life.

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