Friday, December 18, 2009


Let me get all you readers up to speed:

After working at the Museum of Science in Boston for a year, I moved home to make jewelry while Boyfriend Ben moved to DC for some work. Soon we will reunite, but not before a week long voyage to San Fran, followed by New Years seeing the Felice Brothers in Brooklyn, followed by a few days in DC moving Ben out.

And here I've been barely leaving my house after 5 pm for the past 5 months. How will I survive such activity? I've grown accustomed to sitting in a pink blanket (like now) wearing a felted hat and slippers (like now) watching Enchanted (like now) and waiting for my mom to make popcorn (like now).

But soon I'll be a real person again!! Interacting with the world! But what do I WEAR?? What do I PACK?? and most importantly, where should we go out to eat?

Any suggestions? San Fransisco? Good shopping places? I told Ben all I want is for him to buy me anything I want in SF. That's not so much to ask for, is it?

So, lay it on me, stringbeans.

PS. This is what I did last time when I was in SF with Ben's whole family. I'm so impressive.

Top photo taken by me on our epic roadtrip!!

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  1. Good luck to you and your new found movement! Hope it's not too shocking for you...

    I love SF...we lived close by during, and after college, and I miss it.

    Have a fun New Year, and a safe trip :)