Monday, January 11, 2010


Take a chance, make it happen, pop a cork, fingers snappin, spin the wheel, round and round she goesssssss!

Life ie short, life is sweet, grab yourself a front row seat, let's meet and have a ball!

YEAH lets live (let's live) for the wonderrrrrr, of it all.


that's right, i memorized that entire song from a million years ago. those were some catchy tv commercials!

IN CONCLUSION, I'll be gracing foxwoods Wednesday with my presence. Mama needs a new pair of shoes! (not really, i just bought a fab pair of metallic purple flats for $10.00 from Forever 21!) (and a new shirt to wear to the casino.)

I'll keep you posted of my winnings.


  1. HHAHAHAHA, awesome! my parents used to take me there when i was little. i loved it when it would thunder on the indian statue.

    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. THANKS i'm hoping to win big. can't wait to hear this thunder under the indian statue!

  3. i sing that song whenever i take a chance, pop a cork, snap my fingers, or spin a wheel. it's just too catchy!
    have fun! win big!