Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beer Beer We Made Our Own Beer

Okay, that title might be misleading. Ben made his own beer, I didn't really help at all. He's even considering calling the beer "Rachel Didn't Help Ale." And the beer isn't ready yet, we have to wait like, four weeks.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway, that's Ben up there! He's using a copper coil to rapidly cool the brew. Neat.


  1. i am 100% jealous of this beer brewing. and of that cool sink. 100%!

  2. how fun!! my husband and I brewed our own years ago...the first batch was fantastic, and the 2nd batch blew up in our bathtub. that was the end of our home brewing adventure...but I'd love to try it again!!

  3. Rachel Jarman- isn't it fun? we are so industrious.

    Stacy Di- I hope ours doesn't blow up! It seems like so much can go wrong to mess it up, i hope this batch will be yummy!