Monday, March 15, 2010

Two things.


I was in Essentials in Northampton yesterday (great, overwhelming, expensive store that I want to live in.) And I saw this little guy.

Please, please PLEASE WHAT IS HE FROM?? I remember reading a picture book about them, where they live in weird undergound cave like things, and were doing construction on it with a tractor. Please, internet, help! Balbos? Bobabos? Blobolosbls? Something like that.

2. Check out T's World! It's a fun blog, and she recently featured my bike necklace in Spring Etsy Picks feature!


  1. His name is Barbapapa! I think he might be French. I am searching for the original book I read with Barbapapa in it, but all I can find are the 'Barbapapa Family' books. That is SO COOL you found him!!!

  2. holy cow thats it!! i even found the book i read. i'll write a more elaborate post!! thanks so much!!