Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flowerdoodles and Cubes

These earrings literally were the result of doodling, only doodling with thin silver wire! They are just what the earring doctor ordered. I may need to make myself a pair.

Also, I love this gnome pitcher that my mum got me so much, but I never use it to...pitch drinks? Maybe I'll put apple cider it in soon.

I ALSO made this necklace today. Yesterday I made two silver 2/d/3/d cubes, and lots of chain adding and removing later, this is what I ended up with. I think I love it! The purple chain on top is made up of tiny wire wrapped amethyst beads, and the orange chain on the bottom is made of the same kind of chain only with citrine beads. I like the idea of being able to wear it super long or really short, with the cubes facing in or out, symmetrical or asymmetrical. So many options!

Now, off to make banana bread. (Trader Joes mix, that is.)

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