Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peanut Butter Tofu Pizza Disasater (or is it??)

Let me explain something to you: I don't cook. It's nothing I'm proud of, but rarely will I make something from scratch. I just made a delicious pumpkin bread- from a Trader Joe's box. I also make a killer (frozen) Chicken Tikka Masalla dish (also from Trader Joe's). Yesterday I spent forever looking for a recipe to make for dinner tonight. Long story short, I ended up deciding to make some kind of Thai Chicken Pizza. Sounds good, right? But for some dumb reason I used tofu (oh yeah, I hate cooking meat!). And I was also missing some ingredients. And I also use a mash-up of a few recipes. And I also didn't measure any ingredients. Let me take you on a little tour.
First, I started with a Biboli pizza doug. 

Also, NEVER, I repeat NEVER, buy this beer. Biggest mistake I ever made. It tastes like rotten blueberry juice. No sign of beer in there at all.

Next, I coated the pizza doug with plum sauce!! Tip- don't use as much as I did.

Then I mixed those things in tiny amounts in a bowl. I estimated tablespoons!

Then I put cheese on the pizza. Then I realized, can you put tofu with cheese? Then I realized, who cares!

Sauce mixed.

Ohh, healthy!

Then, I might have drizzled the broccoli with honey and cider vinegar (!?!?!?!) and mixed it all together and cooked it.

And then, I cooked it all together.

And then I cooked it for a lot longer because it didn't seem to be cooking nicely.
And then Ben came home, said it wasn't too bad. If you scrape the broc and tofu off of the pizza and just eat it like a strange cheesy stirfry, it's not so bad!

In conclusion, I'm never cooking again.

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  1. Oh Rachel, you cook about as well as I do. I've learned finally to let someone else pick the recipe and follow it faithfully. Every time I've strayed from that plan its been from the pan to the plate then straight to the dumpster! Don't feel bad... some of just don't have the gastromic genius gene but you've got scads going on with your jewelry!!! Love the heart necklace too :)