Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey now

I need to start offering you kids some more stimulating material to read. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll start that. 

Instead here are some new things I made.

These were fun/impossible to do, but I love how they look!


I love gold against black! I oxidized the band to be so dark and the hearts and cut out of brass sheet.


Bling!! I love this little fools gold nugget ring.

The newest DREAM BIG amethyst chunk ring! I wore this today and got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS. no joke.
I was putting together some necklaces at this really nice new coffe/yogurt shop in Dupont Circle (DC) called Yola, which was just opened by a gal about my age (mid 20s) (late early 20s?)(i like that more).

The moral of the story is that whenever you put together jewelry in public, everyone LOVES YOU. it was so much fun! People came over, asked what I was doing, took some business cards. It was delightful. Really great coffee shop too! 

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