Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opal Confetti

I've had this piece of mosaic opal hanging around the work bench for a while now, and today decided just to go for it and make something. The resulting ring reminds me of a party- the opal is just like confetti! The surrounded circles are 14k gold fill, and the rest of the ring is silver.

It kind of look antique-y to me, too, which is a little neato.

And, lastly, it's not exactly, how you say, symmetrical. But that's ok, right?? I like it a little off. It looks like it was stopped in motion from a twirling action. And my friend told me that the Amish always make sure that their furniture has one flaw in it, which I totally dig. I could be way off on that fact, and could very easily look it up online right this second, but I'll put it off. Re-runs of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on, which is more important at the moment. And the new on is on at 9! HELLO.

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