Wednesday, September 21, 2011


HI kiddies!

I'm all amped up on coffee and ready to BLOG. so. what's doin?  I'm going a little wacky over here- we miss the honeymooning life! And now I have all sorts of wholesale projects to get done within the next couple of weeks, not to mention it's basically christmas. I know, it's not, but in my brain it is!

So now I'm wearing a onesie, sitting on the couch, about to try to design a label for little plastic pouches to pack jewelry in for the craft fair! Andddd I'm editing some pictures to list some new drusy bits- wanna see??

I want to make all sorts of little drusy necklaces that can be worn together in different ways! Like stackable rings, but necklaces. Cute?! CUTE.

Ok I'm gonna go before I make you not want to come back to this blog ever again.

I'm wearing a onesie.

Did I say that?

Oh, here's something I need to get off my onesie-clad chest. I went to Target yesterday, (where I bought a pretty little peasant top and a hilarious cropped long sleeves grey shirt with a giant heart?!) (and a scarf I definitely don't need) and I found the VERY LAST Missoni article of clothing I think- it was a blue thin puffer jacket with blue zig zags. I got super excited, tried it on, realized it wasn't that flattering.But I was still swept up in everything. So I took it in my cart and fantasized about selling it on Ebay. Then I realized, I probably wouldn't do that. Then I thought, maybe I'll just wear it? Then I thought, it's not that flattering on. Then I thought, why do I want it so badly? SO I put it back!! Biggest mistake ever?! I DON'T KNOW!!!

tell me its ok. 

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