Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The crazy girl getting married on Saturday with a super pimply chin??? Who is stressed out and keeps touching it?? and it just keeps getting worse?!

Anyway, you haven't heard from me for a while because i'm going a little crazy. The seating chart is done though, the goody bags packed, my dad is working hard on making all of the little wooden/test tube vase/ escort card holders. Parents are the best.

Oh! And I went on a hilarious bachelorette adventure to Atlantic City!! The highlight had to be dancing in a swimming pool to Paulie D from Jersey Shore dj's. And then a guy started throwing singles into the pool at us. And then we started grabbing. And then we ended up with $96 of the $100 (we saw the money band that said it was a stack of a hundred). And then we went to get pizza with it.

I'll post more pictures later, but here is a taste!

We had a limo!!! 

We dressed up.

We had pringles and drank wine!

And then we danced in a pool!

Anyhoo, it was clearly a pretty big hoot. Now I'm going to take a bath and pretend that it's not a crazy busy night! 

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