Monday, January 31, 2011

Episode #4

This one is a downer I think.

I was tired, and my saw blade broke, ok??

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Evenin' Darlins

I think tonight might be a gold sequin blazer night.

I think I want a new iphone case.

I think I want a new iphone.

I learned chocolate Silk is amazing in coffee.

I feel inspired but don't know what to make.

I feel like things are brewing in my brain but I can't tell what they are.

I'm excited about the steak that Ben is about to cook for us.

I have a tummy that's grumbling.

I could go on forever.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pearl nest!

I love this new picture of my newest silver and gold pearl caviar ring! It's so soft and cozy looking. 

Episode 2!

Ready to be friends again? Today's episode features my favorite Iron Pyrite ring! Comment! Tell me what to talk about tomorrow! Remember, free pair of bow earrings with purchase of the ring!

Stay tuned!

Apparently I can't upload my second episode of Rachel's World while sitting in this here coffee shop, so I guess you will just have to wait until I go up to upload in!

In the mean time, I just made this new bow ring, which I'm smitten with! Instead of having the band go almost all the way around like I usually make them, I attached the band to the sides of the bow, making it more streamlined! !

And the bow is twisted, which is always fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been eating a lot of it lately, mostly because I recently rekindled my relationship with Annie's Goddess Salad Dressing. It. is. so. good.

I can't emphasize that enough. I would drink it if I could. Or eat a bowl of it like soup. Seriously.

Go buy it.

Peacock Drusy Ring

I made this today! (wearing my new high waisted jeans. mmmm love love love them)

Video Showcase #1!

ok gang, here's the deal. I've decided to make a video every day (or close to it) showcasing a piece of jewelry! I've been trying to make a decent one all morning. It's harder than it seems not to sound like an idiot and make weird faces without realizing it! Anyway, here's the first one. I hope you can make it through the whole thing!! The featured item is the newest amethyst knuckles!

Let me know what you think!! I promise they'll get better!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last but not least...

The third ring of the day! I've been working on this baby for a few days now, actually. The dark purple geode is set in a giant handmade, sterling silver bezel. I put little ros of silver pebbles along two sides for some flair, and stamped adorable hearts on to the bezel itself! Very subtle, very sweet. The ring is serious though. Do we like?


Ring #2

Here's the second ring of the day! A new version of the plain yellow gold-filled heart ring, this one has a black oxidized beaded heart on top! Love love love. 


Ring a ling

Today I made three rings.

All have hearts.

Stay tuned for the latter two.

Here's the former one.


Well, world, I am saying goodbye to low-rise pants for good and buying 100 pairs of these high waisted, cigarette leg jeans from Urban Outfitters.

No more pulling up my pants every 3 seconds! No more cautious perching on bar stools! No more pulling-down-shirt-to-bend-down-and-pick-something-up!

Am I the only one with these problems?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Poncho Poncho Poncho!

Well folks, yesterday I went to the Gap. They had a sale section. The sale section was an extra 50% off.

I got $200 worth of clothes for $18.00.

One of the many items (mostly black tshirts with sequins) was a thick, chunky gray poncho. Which I think I love, but which Ben says makes me look like an old lady.

I also learned today that it's very hard to take a flattering photo of yourself wearing a poncho.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Better photos?


I'm in the mood for a fancy drink in a fancy glass at a fancy bar. Anyone else?

I also took some slightly better pictures, and made a new version of Le Petit Bike! What are you up to this weekend?



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pearl in Seaweed

So....what's up?


I made this little biddy today- oxidized silver with solid 14k gold beads. I love the size of the pearl and the contrast of colors! What about you?

Swinging Earrings!

I can't stop making tiny little silver people sitting on swings!!

The bar on top says WEEE.

I just need to make a necklace tomorrow to complete the set...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got a whole new batch of amazing iron pyrite chunks, and this is the first ring I made using them! I love the contrast of black and gold, so I oxidized the silver setting to an amazing black, and then polished the beads alongside the rock!

Prepare yourself...

I don't want to make your brain explode, BUT GET A LOAD OF THIS RING.
I made it all from scratch! I call him Mr. Puddles and he really swings! And it won't fall apart!

Hey strangers!

My parents were visiting this weekend, hence the slow posting activity.

But I've got some new goodies to share with you!!

First of all, my madre got me this hanging wine mobile. I am in LOVE. I just stand in the kitchen and stare at it. Ben put a duck in there, but it is still stunning.
There has been lots of custom nest ring action as of late...

This moonstone delight may be one lucky gal's engagement ring!

And this little delight might be another gal's engagement ring!
I also made some radical new rings...will post soon!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opal Confetti

I've had this piece of mosaic opal hanging around the work bench for a while now, and today decided just to go for it and make something. The resulting ring reminds me of a party- the opal is just like confetti! The surrounded circles are 14k gold fill, and the rest of the ring is silver.

It kind of look antique-y to me, too, which is a little neato.

And, lastly, it's not exactly, how you say, symmetrical. But that's ok, right?? I like it a little off. It looks like it was stopped in motion from a twirling action. And my friend told me that the Amish always make sure that their furniture has one flaw in it, which I totally dig. I could be way off on that fact, and could very easily look it up online right this second, but I'll put it off. Re-runs of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on, which is more important at the moment. And the new on is on at 9! HELLO.

I and Love and You

I've had this Avett Brother's song stuck in my head for the past few days now and decided to do something about it! 


I rather like it, don't you?

P.s- I'm on a great whistling streak right now. I'm home alone and wish someone was here to hear how amazing I sound!!!!!


After having another Rachel confirm that what I made before was indeed a cupcake (phew!) I finished it up and now look at it! All yummy and adorable like.

And now I have to get off of this bright red couch and get some other things done!

Madewell Sale

I've been hankering for new pair of jeans lately, and have set my sights upon Madewell. They are EXPENSIVE though. Here are some other finds from the sale section on their website.  I especially love this jumper, but can't tell if I should or not.

I could also get into this top:
Now this shirt I like:

Man, I will forever swoon over anything with gold sequins.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Can you tell what this is??

If so, I will readily make it into a pendant. If not, I'm in trouble!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh wow.

Looking for a way to spend  a long long time looking at a website? You're welcome.

(They are scenes from the Googlemaps Street view camera. The site gives me chills!)


Fashion forward find!

I went to a really great vintage store in Adams Morgan the other day called Mercedes Bien that's only open on the weekends. If I had money to spare I would have bought a mink cape and 18 pairs of oversized sunglasses. Instead I bought this belt, which I have decided makes a delightful headband! Thoughts?

Tell me things!! What are you doing? What's your job? When will I get tired of watching Law and Order SVU episodes?

Smart Soap.

I love this idea! I hate using a bar of soap in showers that isn't mine- those little hairs that get stuck on it, the confusion as to whether or not a bar of soap is clean since it's soap. (Disclosure: I very rarely, if ever, use a bar of soap that belongs to someone else).

But what a great idea this is! It's like a cheese grater for soap! By Nathalie Stampfli.


I feel like I have all sorts of things to share with you beauties! I guess I'll start with some new picturas.


I love these new crazy earrings! Not for the weak ear lobed though!  




And this ring is just as fun as it gets! I experimented with braiding the silver for the band and I think I rather like it.