Monday, January 16, 2012

do you hate me?

please don't hate me!! i promise i'll be better at blogging!

Let's see...what do you want to hear about? ME??? well, fine.

So things are still pretty crazy busy around here. which is fab. and tiring. speaking of fab, i should be having another sale on Friday (which you would see in the preview email if you are signed up!) So if it's anything like it was in November, which I'm hoping because of V-Day, things are gonna get wilddddddd.

And my mommy is coming to visit for a few days on Thursday, so that will be good! And I have to make some more pillows for then at the end of the month I'm off to Tuscon for the gem show!! THE GEM SHOW. of life. Every year there is an enormous jewelry/stone/everything show. In Arizona. Am I repeating myself? Needless to say, I'll have sooooo many new and exciting stones to work with next month!! Ahhhh scary.

What ELSE. Tell me!! Let's see, I'll go through my instagram pics to job my memory..

This guy had an orange backpack AND an orange bike. I hope he realized how current he is- isn't tangerine the color of 2012?

Ben and I have been seriously in to Veronica Mars.

First of all, how is Kristen Bell SO EFFING CUTE. I mean, come on. Secondly, if you've never watched the show, watch it. Super good.

I need to list this ring!!! It's oxidized silver. I'm in love. 

Anyhoo, that's it for now. Show me fun things to distract myself with!

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