Saturday, December 22, 2012

A heart wrenching/warming jewelry shipping story


The last couple of days leading up to Christmas are some of the most excruciating for those in the e-commmerce field. Emails start flooding in about orders that haven't been delivered (check your mail box! look at the delivery confirmation!) Most of these honest mistakes result in the package being somewhere safe, and everyone is happy. A funny thing happened yesterday, that caused me to almost have an ulcer from stress, and then laugh a lot.

A customer wanted a pair of small silver drusy stones, and I was plumb out. It took about a week to get the right stones in, and she was very nice and patient about the whole thing.

I finally got the stones, ground them down to fit correctly, and made the perfect pair for her! Off they went, to get to her before christmas.

Then yesterday I got an email.

"You sent me an anchor necklace?" was all it said. I obviously threw myself into a tizzy, panicking about how if I sent her an anchor necklace by accident, that meant I must have sent the studs to someone who had ordered an anchor! But who?? Who?? Was it the customer whom I Express Fedex'd an anchor (or so I thought) to get to them in CA by the 25th?? No, it couldn't be. I had remembered packing that one and racing it over to the Fedex place.

There was one other anchor order that was placed around the same time that I shipped the earrings. I emailed the customer, warning him that he might be getting drusy studs instead of a necklace, and to please let me know right away so I could ship him the anchor in time!

LONG STORY SHORT. (already long, sorry!) The customer I emailed about the anchor was actually the husband of the drusy stud customer!! He had ordered her an anchor necklace as a surprise gift, and she opened it thinking it was the studs! And then the original earrings came, and they let me know what happened.

Funny, right? 


  1. Wow, what a story!! It is funny that they were for the same person!

  2. Thank god! I would have totally freaked out! What a hilarious yet stressful event! Sounds like what would happen at my place! I love love your jewelry! I can't wait to see some more unique designs from you!