Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year in Review

I know. I'm not a very good blogger. And to make up for it (to who? i don't know) i am going to write a lot of things in list form.

I was walking to the post office past the McDonald's, and everything was gravy. I leave the post office, and the sheet is blocked by cop cars. Assuming there was a shooting, I scurry behind buildings like the prepared, aware-of-her-surrounds-girl that I am, and approach from a different angle (why? i don't know). Anyway. A car drove into the front. The end.

I saw this dog, and ached with want.

It has been a very busy holiday season! Just a glimpse at the many packages. 

I got red glasses!

I had some good bonding time with the family dog Kirby over Thanksgiving. Such a floppy flopper.

I *almost* got really horrible glassses (shown above). Ben loses his sunglasses on plane.

I got yoko ono sun glasses which I'm usually too scared to wear.

I went to my best friend's brother's wedding with the family- note how husband ben (left) maintains same face in all photos.

I had the displeasure of finding this guy on my wall. 

I made a million billion honeycomb necklaces, along with other things, for a holiday sale.

That should be enough to satiate your needs for now. 

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