Thursday, February 28, 2013


Did anyone else freak out when they realized today is the last day of Feb? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. WHY IS THIS MONTH SO SHORT AND DUMB.

so dumb. I'm already stressing out about march.

In about 20 minutes I'm going to the Washington Middle School for Girls to talk to an 8th grade math class about starting a business. I'm kind of terrified.


I just realized I never posted this. well, i went, i spoke, i played the stitchtagram video. I was informed by a sassy 7th grader that I'm  a hipster (i was dressed VERY much like a hipster). and then i came home! Done and done. They were great girls with really good questions. Most of which I didn't have good answers for.

In jewelry news, I made these:

And I took this photo for a collaboration with an Australian company coming up, which I like:

And need to list these funky guys, that remind me of phoenix's rising from the drusy ashes. 


  1. I love the druzy dangles! And good for you sharing your experience with the next generation :)