Wednesday, April 3, 2013


oh boy, kiddos, oh boy.

I can't wait to properly photograph these studs to list tomorrow!! Blue drusies in COPPER BEZELS. woweezowee.

I took this pic after frantically buying a sweat shirt and pink lipstick before making a fool of myself at Ben's work's softball practice. and now i can't lift my arm from throwing a soft ball about 5 times.

My dear old pal Emily sipping from a hilarious container of iced coffee at her place of work.

A funny polaroid of us taken at a party, where I have a weirdly red nose.

Triangle studs for a wholesale order.

We went to an Easter brunch at our friends' apartment, and Sophie made the MOST adorable bunny cake that is her signature. 

This blog is basically becoming my Instagram re-cap. That's ok, right?

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