Monday, June 10, 2013


I never had allergies before, and now I think I do. Constant sneezing, constant nose blowing.

How thrilling, right?

WELCOME. I think I'm just really bad at blogging!

Let's see what I can tell you. For my birthday in a few weeks, Ben and I will be traveling to Redondo Beach near (in?) LA for a wedding/ long weekend. We aren't renting a car, and I am excited to force us to become beach people. Since I hate beaches. But we will like it. Yes we will.

Also, I'm already terrified of the flight. Here's my thing: in the months leading up to any long flight (longer than an hour), I will have panic attacks. I just freak myself out. Once I'm on the plane, I'm usually okay. But not really. I will freak out at any sort of sound. I mean, I think everyone is like that. Who LIKES to fly? Actually, 5-10 year old me, that's who. I'd always get SO EXCITED to go on an airplane. What was I thinking??

I am so envious of people who can sleep the entire flight. When we went to Iceland, I bought z-quil, which did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I even had a glass of wine with it, which just made me nervous that something was about to explode inside my body, like a liver or a spleen. So that plan backfired.

Anyway, one friend swears by Dramamine, others by Xanax. Do you have any tricks? And by tricks, I mean drugs you enjoy and find useful? In other words, someone just tell me that EVERYONE FLIES ALL THE TIME AND ITS TOTALLY FINE AND SAFE.

In other news, my dear pal Emily is off to Canada for the summer. When she moved her, I lent her one of my mustachioed Portuguese ceramic dogs (which apparently are all over the place), to keep her company in a weird boarding house style situation she had going on. Anyway. Now they are back together. Reunited at last. I really wish I had a fire place with a mantel, so they could sit on top it. With a little bunting hanging on the wall between them, made out of some crafty shit like twine and tin foil. With washi tape. Obvs.

Also this morning I made two rings, finally. I've been taking a wax carving class, which is fun, but I'm spending so much time stressing out about all the trendy chevron and arrow things I should be carving without totally know how, that I haven't actually soldered anything new in a while. So I made these! 

Ooooh, ahhhh.

And when I was done with those, and done with the rest of my orders for the day, I sat down and tried to carve the most spectacular dachshund you ever did see. But their feet kept breaking :(

so that's sad. The one on the right in the middle is my best bet I think....would you just LOOK at that fucking ear. I think one side will be smooth, and one will my textured. so you can wear it either as a long haired or a short haired!!!!!!!!! WHAT DOYATHINK OF THAT.

Oh man. I'm having trouble typing right now. Every other word has been deleted and corrected. Except that one. That one I Didn't have to go back and fix. Or any of those. but I swear, a ton of the others words I've typed have been messed up. I promise. now i'm just typign to see. THERE. typing. anywya. goodnight,.


  1. I wish I could offer some genius flying advice, but the truth is I have horrible flight anxiety too. I used to have no problem flying whatsoever, until I had 2 flights a week apart that both had horrible turbulence. Ever since then I've been really scared to fly. I asked the same question on my blog a while back, and most people said alcohol. I don't really think that would work for me because if there's any turbulence, I also get nauseated, so I'm thinking adding alcohol to that mix would be deadly. I think the next time I fly I might try dramamine to hopefully kill two birds with one stone. Let me know if you try it and how it works.

  2. Hey! If you're up in L.A. proper at all, would love to grab a treat or drink with you!

    1. hey sarah!! we will be staying in redondo beach without a car..not sure if that's at all easy for you to get to, but if you feel like coming out there we'd love to get a drink!!! and if we end up coming into the city we will let you know!