Monday, July 15, 2013

oh hello there

Here I am, on the couch. I cleaned off our three coffee tables, and I was I could show you a picture that looks amazing with doilies made from vintage magazines (DO PEOPLE MAKE THAT?) and vases made from spraypainted plastic half gallon milk cartons (it's all i can think about lately) (just kidding, i thought about it once. but i want to do it!). Instead, the tables are just NOT covered in every single thing that we could ever possibly need to use. Like, I put nail polishes in the bathroom. Where they belong. I proceeded to drop a can of spray on sun block behind my little drawer things and will most likely never retrieve it until we move. So thanks a lot, nail polishes.

I also threw out a lot of stuff. And put match boxes in another box. TA DA.

oooh, ahhhh. 

Note the coasters! Catching the sweat from my iced red eye from this morning that I had about two sips of (it wasn't good ok?). And the empt wine glass from last night. And the reflection in the table of an amazing episode of How Do I Look? And a winning scratch off ticket! ($10 what what).

Let's see what else. I made these:

And these:

I also turned these earrings into opposites! 

And I made a new website! 

Now I just need to shoot a Look Book, which seems to be what every is doing these days. However, I have no idea what to do. HELP. 

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