Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome back, world! After a lovely birthday, Ben and I flew off to sunny/cloudy Redondo Beach (FACT: LA is NOT HOT). We decided not to rent a car, and just biked along the beach and ate.

Oh, and we went to our friends' Scott and Gina's wedding, which was a blast! Some pics:

Me and the Hubs:

Look! I can ride a bike!

Fun fact: Bethanny Frankle also has this Madewell sweater, so I'm basically famous. 

Mmmmm Gelato.

I found these two rocks with HAIR already on them, so obviously I had to make them into the couple getting married.

Ben and I went to this a-mahzing (happy endings anyone?) Japanese restaurant/stall on the pier in Redondo Beach, tucked between the bars and churro stalls. It was so effing good. 

I also got these snazzy sunglasses for $8.

THE END. how was your weekend? fire work fill I hope. 

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