Monday, December 16, 2013

the BEST little gift you could ever get!

My dear friend Emily needed a white elephant gift for under $10, and we managed to get the most delightful assortment of goodies at Target. I suggest you go get this bundle today to give at parties this weekend.

1) A glass Cheers tumbler! On sale for $5!!

2) A pack of black and white polka dot paper straw. Together with the glass, it's quite kate spade-y. 
(I can't find the right colors online, but you get the idea)

3) And lastly, buy a 4 pack of mini cheap champagne, keep three bottles for yourself, and put the fourth with the gift!

TA-DAH. i want to go buy it to give to myself. 

Now, I need to finish LA Complex, a most amazing Canadian-set-in-LA drama. Netflix. Go watch.

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