Thursday, July 2, 2009


I've really been digging foxes lately, and I feel they may just be the next owl. Here are a few of my favorite foxy things from Etsy. Know of any others? Leave a comment!

Edit: After perusing Etsy, I now realize that foxes are perhaps the hardest animal to depict in something like jewelry. How do you distinguish it from a cat, or a dog? Bravo to those who can make an obvious fox, in any medium!

Adorable print from the Yumi Yumi shop:

Teeny little earrings by Joanna Rutter:
Vinyl wall decal from Graphic Spaces:

Cute shirt by Designer Playground:


  1. i laughed really hard at this post.
    foxes are totally the new owls.

  2. thank god. i think you are the only one who reads this haha