Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm seriously going to start blogging regularly. It may not be funny, it may not be design-y, but it will be bloggy. We will begin at the beginning. Of this evening.

I went to the gym around 4:15. (I haven't gone in about two months, other than yesterday). After casting a quick glance at the schedule for classes, I saw a class called Yoga Sculpt that started in 15 minutes. What a great word to describe a class, I thought. All I want to be is sculpted. If I had compare myself to either marble, play-do, Sculpy, Fimo, or paper mache, I would say my body type is that of sculpy. I'm not quite as doughy as play-do, but I'm certainly no marble. So anyway, I ended up watching King of Queens on an eliptical for 15 minutes and then headed to the classroom.

5 other girls were there, all very skinny, fit, and incredibly tan. Who is tan? It's like winter here in Boston. Anyway, after an hour of trembling in the plank position (I had to cheat and put my knee down) to nearly dislocating my shoulder in a downward dog horror, I walked out alive, feeling fantastic. I have yet to be sculpted though.

Maybe if I get into Yoga it will give me a good excuse to go to LuLu Lemon to buy snazzy clothes. I could be a person who wears that!

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