Friday, September 11, 2009

Bee Weddings!!

I just finished four lovely honey comb necklaces for bridesmaids in a honey bee themed wedding. It appears that it's a bit of a trend! This is from
Abeille Art tags gift set, by MothtoaFlameStudio; Brooklyn Cufflinks, by milkweedandhoney; Butter-Bee Hair Pin, by honeypielove; Bumble Bee Peel and Stick Wax Seals, by waxseals; Orchid-Infused Sweet Mandarin and Honey Shea Body Butter 4oz jar, by pipertate; Bee and Hive Stickers and Envelope Seals, by seasonaldelights; Bee Bliss, by luckyduct; Custom Anniversary Birds and Bees, abcd1111 (clockwise from the top left)

My little bee necklace is gonna make it big!!

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