Sunday, September 6, 2009

H Street, DC

This post comes from the sunny DC. I moved Ben into his basement with Noah (lovely man cave). They live in the NE section of DC, on Capital Hill. Very neato area. If you walk one way, its ritzy townhouses, and you walk the other way, it gets a little more hairy. A couple blocks away lie H Street. Among the hair salons and corner stores and "carry outs" are peppered a variety of quirky bars and restaurants.Above is Granville Moore's (right). A million Belgium beers and they messed up in the kitchen so we ended up getting free mussels! It was the best night of our life. Our plans to get Martini's next door were thwarted by a private party that had rented out the whole bar.
After, you can get sandwiches, REALLY good sandwiches, at this amazingly deli called Taylor's. It was recently featured in Dwell. My poor little camera died, so here's a pic from the Dwell sight. Read more about it there!

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