Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roomba Names

I was thinking about our old Roomba, whom Ben and I dubbed Howie Roombert, who we gave to my brother on loan after we left the apartment. It got me thinking about what other people name their Roombas. Here is what I found, from a variety of sites:

Red Rover
Rosie (like the Jetsons. Meh)
Marilyn Monrobot (ha!)
Boogie Bot

Not too impressed with my findings. What would you/did you name yours?


  1. ha ha ha!!! Ok, I can't believe I'm admitting this in public, but we named ours "Chives" comes from "Jeeves"...but my son mispronounced Jeeves like Chives, and so, our roomba is called Chives!

  2. that's great! See, everyone has a fun roomba name story. do you love yours? once ours swallowed a ball of yarn and started making sad noises after it got wound up in his spinner. it was a scary moment.

  3. you had a roomba? i definitely don't remember meeting it.

    as far as names, i'd go with "the oompa roomba." that way, i could sing "what do you think will come of that?" all day.

  4. that's a really great idea for a name, brad. I'm glad you finally got to comment. I did have a roomba. Ben and I shared custody of him. Using him required cleaning the room that was being vacuumed first, so that it could move freely, which didn't happen often. How's life post museum?