Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A concert.

Ok, ok, commenters. I deserved that. I was tired and cranky. (This post previously contained a rant about my concert experience seeing Dr. Dog and Deer Tick.)

In reality, the show was amazing. If you haven't been to the Paradise before, it's this small venue that's really wide and shallow, so no matter where you stand (unless it's behind the giant pole!) you can't be too far from the band. We were a-dancing and a-singin' and a-sweatin' all night long.

I hadn't listened much to Dr. Dog's new songs, but when they played a few of my favorites I couldn't stop jumping and fist pumping to the beat. An especially raucous and dance happy group in front of us added to the good vibes.

But, commenters, I won't ignore the bad stuff!! I DID get a cramp dancing. I DID get mad at the people who pushed their way in front of me. But that doesn't mean it wasn't great!

The End.

Awesome image from here.


  1. sounds like you need to go to a show where you can have no access to the real world? no smells, sites, etc. may as well stay home and listen to the c.d.?

  2. wow I like your descriptions of both the opening and main act. You really know how to take music's essence and put it to paper!